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Welcome to the new hosting for the Warframe Desktop Gadget!

The Warframe Desktop Gadget carry on!
Thank you for your patience with the changes in v2 of the WDG.

Find the New download below. In the next few days, the old version of the gadget will completely stop working, so you MUST download the new one to keep using it.
Please keep leaving suggestions and comments. I will work on them as soon as I have time.

Some kind users suggested that I should try asking for donations to keep the site up. It is fairly cheap at ~�11 per year, but it's still a burden as I am a freelance programmer.
Any help, even a few pennies/cents would be appreciated.

The latest version is 2.1.6, and can be downloaded here

This gadget is simple to use, and easy to install on Windows7, and Vista
It can be used also on Windows 8, but requires third party software to re-enable the Sidebar.
(You can get an application which will re-enable the sidebar here but I have not tried or tested it in any way, and can not certify it as working, or safe. Use at your own risk)

  • Shows active alerts, updated once per minute
  • Highlights alerts with item rewards (? alerts)
  • Slim and easy to install
  • Switch for large version with full names, to a compact version at the touch of a button!
  • Tabs for alerts, outbreaks, and invasions!
  • NEW! Scrolling for alerts when there are many in a catagory
  • Play a sound when a ? alert arrives (pick from a list and volume)
  • Pick your background
  • Filter alerts for only what you want!
  • Filter for multiple terms at once
  • Show only alerts with bonus rewards

A huge thank you to all of you who have supported me through this crisis, and those of you who have offered alternative hosting.
It has been a huge comfort and confidence boost that so many of you care.

I will not post names without consent, but those of you who have offered support I'd like to put up a small area as a permanent reminder of your support in my time of difficulties.

My deepest thanks to all of you who have offered anything, from kind words of support; thanks; and appreciation, to those of you who have offered to host the gadget.
You gave me the strength to keep going.

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